The Grassroots Learning Hub is designed to respond the need for trainings and capacity-building activities that envisions to enable civil society organizations, particularly those in the grassroots communities, women and indigenous peoples, adapt to the “new normal” way of working, communicating and transacting business.

Grassroots Women’s Leadership and Political Participation

While MPC already had experience in conducting and facilitating women’s leadership, this program is designed to systematize it in the Women’s Leadership and Political Participation Training. This training will provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills on the how a parliamentary system of government works.  It will also increase the understanding and boost the confidence of women leaders to speak out and participate in the formation of political parties. 

Digital Capacity Training

In varying degrees, the Grassroots Learning Hub will help boost the resiliency and sustainability of MPC’s member-organizations by way of increasing their competence in digital literacy and multi-media communications under a new normal way of life. These trainings will be purposively designed to provide immediate assistance to CSOs who are grappling with the intricacies and complexities of digital technology and virtual communications.

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